Emily Pohl-Weary

Emily Pohl-Weary
Emily Pohl-Weary will be at Berton House from July to September 2015. During her residency she will work on a semi-autobiographical novel set in the late 1980s/early 1990s in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood where she lives.

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Shelagh Plunkett

Shelagh Plunkett
Shelagh Plunkett will be at Berton House from January to March 2016. She is currently at work on Caught by All That’s Come Before, an examination of “ways that our identities are shaped by how we respond to events that we participate in or that we witness.”

Kim Fu

Kim Fu
Kim Fu will be at Berton House from October to December 2015. She is working on her second novel, which follows a young woman who, after the sudden death of her husband, seeks out her sister-in-law in a cult-like rural commune.

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Shauntay Grant

Shauntay Grant
Shauntay Grant will be at Berton House from April to June 2016. While at Berton House she will work on proof, a middle grade poetry novel that follows a young boy’s efforts to document a marginalized Black Nova Scotian community.

The Writers


Shauntay Grant, Halifax, NS
Shelagh Plunkett, Montreal, QC


Kim Fu, West Vancouver, BC
Emily Pohl-Weary, Toronto, ON
Jacob Scheier, Toronto, ON
Nicole Dixon, New Waterford, NS


Tara Beagan, Toronto, ON
Anik See, Amsterdam, NLD
Alan Cumyn, Ottawa, ON
Clem Martini, Calgary, AB


James FitzGerald, Toronto, ON
Colleen Murphy, Toronto, ON
Melanie Siebert, Victoria, BC
Chris Turner, Calgary, AB


Sherry MacDonald, Vancouver, BC
Joan Thomas, Winnipeg, MB
Tim Falconer, Toronto, ON
Lawrence Hill, Hamilton, ON
Dan Dowhal, Toronto, ON


Manjushree Thapa, Toronto, ON
Jacob McArthur Mooney
, Toronto, ON
Jeanne Randolph
, Winnipeg, MB
Sara Tilley, St. John's, NL


Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail, Edmonton, AB
Billeh Nickerson, Toronto, ON
Jeramy Dodds, Fredericton, NB
Mylène Gilbert-Dumas, Sherbrooke, Quebec


Linda Goyette, Edmonton, AB
Pasha Malla, New York, New York
Robert D. Turner, Victoria, BC
Jalal Barzanji, Edmonton, Alberta


Frances Backhouse, Victoria, BC
Elin Kelsey, Bowen Island, BC
Charlotte Gray, Ottawa, Ontario
Monica Graham, Sundridge, Nova Scotia


George Ilsley, Vancouver, BC
Robert Sawyer, Toronto, Ontario
Lisa Pasold, Montreal, Quebec
Julie Burtinshaw, Vancouver, British Columbia


Bruce McDougall, Toronto, Ontario
Phil Hall, Toronto, Ontario
C. E. Gatchalian, Vancouver, BC
Gregory M. Cook, St. John, NB


Charles Wilkins,Thunder Bay, Ontario
Lulu Keating, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Paul McKay, Westport, Ontario


Dick North, Dawson City, Yukon
Brian McKillop, Ottawa, Ontario
Eric Wilson, Victoria, BC


Mark Zuehlke, Victoria, BC
George Fetherling, Vancouver, BC
Jan Thornhill, Sudbury, Ontario


Andrea and David Spalding, Pender Island, BC
Ken McGoogan, Calgary, Alberta
Wayne Curtis, Miramichi, NB


Maureen Hull, Pictou Island, Nova Scotia
Suzanne Harnois, Montreal, Quebec
Benjamin Gallander, Toronto, Ontario
Rachel Manley, Toronto, Jamaica
Steven Heighton, Kingston, Ontario


Kelly Aitken, Toronto, Ontario
Sally Clark, Vancouver, BC
Luanne Armstrong, Vancouver, BC


Julie Brickman, Carlsbad, Ontario
Mansel Robinson, Prince Albert, Alberta
Carmine Starnino, Montreal, Quebec
Darlene St. Pierre, Ladysmith, BC


Michael Kusugak, Rankin Inlet, Nunavut
Tess Fragoulis, Montreal, Quebec
Julie Lawson, Sooke, BC
Yvonne Harris, Whitehorse, Yukon


Andrew Pyper, Toronto, Ontario
Audrey Thomas, Galiano Island, BC


Russell Smith, Toronto, Ontario

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